MIUI Breaking after a week or 2


Jul 19, 2011
I have been running MIUI for about a year now and it seems as in the past few months my MIUI rom simply breaks. I will begin to get FCs whenever i open some apps including Handcent, Titanium backup, Facebook, ect. I got a new SD card around that time. Is it possible that i have a bad card and that it corrups data? If i backup all my files thru MIUI Backup then do a factory reset and reinstall the latest version of MIUI then it seems as though it it fine. But then about 2 weeks later it does the same thing. I am running MIUI on a HTC Incredible running the latest MIUI rom.
Just a couple of thoughts..... First, if you have updated Rom Manager in the recent past to the 5.x series, you might consider going back to the 2.5.x series as the current one seems to be corrupting the ext3 partition.

Second, If you have an ext3 partition on your sd card, you might want to check to see if the ext3 partition on your card is corrupt.

:) As for me, I flash a lot of roms, and whenever odd things like this happen, I tend to wipe everything including the/system and /boot, get fresh downloads of the rom, backup and reformat/repartition the sd card and just start over. But then, I like doing this and everyone needs a hobby :) That usually sets things to right.
What do you mean by ext3 partition.. I lost you there. And i do not use Rom manager. When i usually re install MIUi i tend to do a full wipe. except i usually dont format my /boot but i do do /system as well as the others. I guess next time i could try formatting my SD card.. obliviously after i back all my stuff up.
Since you don't use Rom Manager, it wouldn't be that then :)

Your sd card comes formatted with a windows FAT partition. An ext3 (or any ext, ext2, ext4 partition) is a linux partition. Those of us using an ext3 partition with Miui do so to take advantage of the A2SD+ that is built into the rom to increase app storage.

The A2SD+ that Miui uses connects that Ext3 Partition on the sd card with your phones internal memory - it symbolically links it so there is a seamless connection. The phone sees that as internal memory and allows you to vastly increase the amount of apps that you can load. Not so important on the newer phones with a lot of memory but on the older ones like the nexus one I have, it helps a lot.

If you didn't deliberately create an ext3 partition with amon_ra recovery or clockworkmod (or on your computer using gparted, etc.) then you probably don't have one and are just using the normal internal memory, so that is also probably not the problem you are experiencing. I was just trying to rule those out because sometimes they are the culprit.

In any case, good luck
cyberstoic (or anyone else who may know),

I put miui on my desire last night and it's running fine but I've started getting warnings about low memory. I've realised that when I tried to partition my SD card using Partition Wizard I never applied the changes I tried to make so it's just one big fat 32.

I've just tried partitioning the SD card again but the software won't let me create a new partition. I'm obviously new to the process, how do I go about getting this partition so that I won't run out of memory?