[MIUI Browser] Slow navigation and hangups!


Jan 30, 2011
Anyone having issues with the new MIUI Browser, on my N1 its really slow ant it "hangs" while loading some heavy pages (ex: www.tafixe.com).

Any ideas and help would be very appreciated!

Same here, just updated to 1.8.12 and the same as 1.8.5. Hanging up on some pages. This is kind of a big issue for me since I use my wifi a lot. I've tried the hotfix that was posted in 1.8.5 several times with no luck.....This is a deal breaker for me as far as using MIUI. The old browser was working fine on my Incredible. I won't be able to wait for long for a fix as I do need my wifi working solid....
My browser does the same thing even when I'm on a WiFi connection.

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Same here updated to 8.12 even on wifi too

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Same here. And lots of FC's in apps and launcher. What is going on??

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It looks like CM7 Nightlies are suffering from the same issue, it might be 2.3.5 merge that caused it!

Waiting patiently for a solution. :(
Loaded opera mobile browser so I have a backup browser when the stock one freezes. Still having the wifi freeze with the latest fix too. As much as I appreciate all the work the devs are doing, getting tired of all the bugginess in CM7 and MIUI. I've had some issues in almost every update, (with both CM7 and MIUI.) Granted some are minor but still want my phones features to work, especially something like wifi....Getting a bit bored with my INC so maybe it's time to start looking at the Bionic or other options for a new device. There are a bunch coming out in the next few weeks. I am having fun being rooted but the annoyance of the "bugs" are starting to get to me. I want my phone to work without the workarounds that I'm having to deal with....Starting to be a PITA.
Droid Incredible.
Well time to move on (for now.) Went back to stock today. Will wait for the OTA GB update slated to come out this week for the Incredible. Just getting tired of all the constant work arounds and problems I've been having with MIUI and CM7. Everything from wifi issues to gmail not opening to market issues etc. Thanks to all for the help and knowledge and to all the developers doing the ongoing work it takes to keep an open platform going. Waiting for the Droid Bionic to hit the market, also rumored that it will be an unlocked bootloader out of the box. I'm sure I will be back to a rooted device at some point so again thanks for all the help and information available on the forum....