MIUI bugs on HTC Desire


May 6, 2011
miui 1.9.23 bugs:

(I apologise in advance if these bugs have already been corrected, as I have not installed the new 1.9.30 build)

- picture freezes when filming over 10mins, and recorded file is afterwards corrupted. (experienced in 1.9.16, didn't get the chance to test out in 1.9.23)
- picture sometimes take a bit of time to load after taking it.
- some pictures go corrupt.
- phone sometimes doesn't recognize earphones till next restart.
- file names in music and file explorer get cut off and you can't see the full path / file name. very annoying!
- keyboard: when selecting a suggested word from the dictionary, and then pressing on the colon from the shortcut list at the top, it leaves the space after the word, and then puts the colon, instead of putting the colon and the space after it, like it does with the comma and the period (dot).
Hope you understood what I meant because it's quite annoying.
- In wifi hotspot: can't see connected users, or choose how many are allowed at any given time.

Thanks very much, hope these get fixed!