Miui camera issues


Nov 8, 2010
Tested new apk miui camera and had not found autofocus in video mode
Was the same issue in previous version of camera apk
Hope developers fix this bug for next release this rom is wonderful but a ultimate phone need's a good camera!
Hey were can we find that new MIUI camera app? How does it look? Screenshots?

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New miui also has integrated miui camera but seems like cyanogen one,without autofocus in video for now
I'm using MIUI 1.1.7 on my Desire and I still have a camera problem. If I want to take a picture it works but to make a movie, my phone freeze, tells me the camera doesn't responds and reboot by itself.
Is there someone who can use his camera to make movie ?
When I try, my phone freeze, tell me the application camera doesn't respond and reboot.

It's the same if I use MIUI camera application or the defaut application.
My phone is the HTC Desire GSM