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Nov 6, 2010
Hi everyone,

Really first of all on behalf of myself personally I would like to apologise for all these issues regarding the site, the domain and ownership.

It's been a pretty horrible week of events to be honest but the worst is now over. A mutually beneficial agreement was made today (3:30pm GMT) to transfer the miui-dev.com domain back to my full ownership. As a result of this n_i_x has decided to leave MIUI behind.

I'm sad that we had to get to this point and I didn't want things to be this way at all. I can only say sorry to you all for the disruption to YOUR web site. After all the community bought the forum software, this is and will always be the communities site!

Our web site will continue to grow and flourish as it is, I wish n_i_x all the best for the future, obviously we can't find a way forward to partner with the site anymore which again saddens me a lot.

MIUI-DEV.com is back and will remain here even if I or anyone else decide they want to quit. Again, this is the communities web site, no one person has any right to move or close it down without the community voting.