MIUI EU 12.5 rom noob questions


Jul 17, 2021
Hello all, I am completely new to the world of miui. Firstly let me start by saying thank you, both for making the rom and for making it easy to find various versions and for the straight forward install instructions.

I have had a k20 pro for less than 24 hours and been on this latest version of "HMK20ProMI9TPro" for less than 5 so I am still getting use to the UI after coming off a 6 year old nokia phone but I hope these questions arent too irritating for the more knowledegable people here.

1: Is the finger scanner really bad in general? So far mine is both horribly innacurate and even when it does work it is very slow, I need to keep my finger on the screen for maybe 10 full seconds before it registers and unlocks. I do not currently have any form of screen protector on for what its worth

2: The themes app is in chinese. I know this rom is built off the chinese one but is this by design? is this something I can change or is this simply part of the package? *addition, I have read some posts from Igor Eisberg saying the global one misses lots of stuff, including stuff specific to 12.5, so I guess I have the answer but as a complete newcomer to this I figure it can't hurt to leave this here

3: Can anyone recommend a method to use banking apps? I have magisk installed but even after using the options to mask magisk itself, adding the banking app to the "MagiskHide" list, clearing the bank app data and then rebooting it still detects that my phone is rooted and I cant log in.

Thank you
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