MIUI for samsung wave s8500


Feb 11, 2011

I have an HTC Desire and i have flashed MIUI onto it and it's THE BEST, problem is, my partner wants MIUI too, but she has a samsung wave s8500.

So i was wondering, would you great developers from MIUI be able to make this possible?

If not i am going to have to buy her a Desire too, and there is still 17 months left to pay on her wave contract :(

Please help me MIUI developers....

Note: There are a LOT of people posting they are quite happy to donate to the developing of an android os for the wave, including me, and MIUI is the best option in my opinion...

Anyone else agree??

Hi, maybe you didnt know this which is fine, but the samsung s8500 doesnt use Android, it uses Beda OS which is samsungs own OS so I dont think you will ever see a rom from this phone and I highly doubt the possibility that someone can or will make Android OS work on this device, and thats because of some hardware requirements that need to be there in order to run Android. so Im sorry, you try and sell the phone thought and pay out the contract :D
Oh, i had been reading that there was development into it already, something to do with using the galaxy s.


They say they have finally got work going on this project, i just thought MIUI would be a better port than say, froyo or something.

I did know that samsung wave has Bada and its not very good unfortunatly, but as the the issue with hardware, surely it is only a case of writing a new kernel to implement that hardware?

I'm not to sure, still learning myself...