Miui + LorDmod = Problems for me


Mar 31, 2011

I have a few problems
These are my phone specs:

Model: HTC Desire HD
Android: 2.3.4
Kernel: #31
Build: MIUIAndroid 1.6.17

I wiped my phone complete and installed miui and lang pack booted and then back to recovery to flash the kernel and now i have a weird boot, he boots to the animation and then quick black screen and then the animation again, if i wait long enough i get the lock screen.

Sometimes the phone doesn't make sound and i need to reboot.

GPS never worked whit miui for me.

Today WiFi doesn't work anymore under the WiFi switch he says "error"

Does any wan know fixes for this? thanks in advance

and i love this Rom Great work, no hassle just clean and tight :D

Yeah same problem I been having in my BFS version kernel were if you try to undervolt it would cause the bootloop an wifi not to load as that were its stops in the boot process. GPS you could try changing the GPS server (Google that one) and then it case of leave to get a lock, mine works pretty fast.

For bootlooping you could increase the voltage in the 99voltages file or delete that file an use vipermod to set your voltage after boot. I will be releasing update to my kernel were looking like I have this problem fixed in the BFS version and my CFS version works just fine be even better now :)