Russian/Chinese MIUI with Optimisations English support ! ( MIUI based)

Jun 6, 2013
[MIUI] @ lsa0578 ™ ◢ ◣ | saving silky | | 3.9.13 | ------- * 13/9/14 *


  • This package applies to MI2/MI2S/MI2C/MI2SC
  • I will continue to update this ROM continues, more so because of changes in the content will not necessarily updated weekly. But still want the oil for their support, I will add more practical technology to a close for you to build your perfect ROM, which ultimately your support! !
  • If you think my ROM is also good, hope more publicity
  • If you need to reprint my ROM, please contact me
  • As used herein solely for learn to use resources, if the resources used herein infringed your rights, please inform, I will promptly make a deal
  • All resources from the ROM MIUI modified part from the Internet
  • Thank MIUI and @ 2222222b

ROM production - Liang, Yi

1 The package is based on the latest Russian MIUI development, the benefits will not say
2. streamlined framework-res.apk achieve load smoothly
3. streamline useless services and Google services, retained the services supported by the game
3 Add the kernel init . d function
adjust the parameters of the virtual machine
5. Optimized build.prop code (including: WiFi scan time control, improve picture quality and some practical)

6. integrated system software, optimize memory share, enhance fluency

7. optimize the overall use of fluency
8. modify jar closure Android scrolling cache to achieve smooth scrolling
9. improve the sliding response
10. joined the boot and add some code to make your life more sustainable
use of more practical ROOT privileges
12. removal of excess rubbish rom file
Replace handsome boot animation
14. turned X-Reality picture engine
14. added ViPER4Android_FX, ViPER4Android_HIFI
15. added PureAudio ™ 1.0] [BEATS blah blah ........
16. opening screen jitter

17. script stability enhancement system
17 using the GPU to manage touch, let the CPU do what he ought to do to go! !
18 HW improved video rendering (the game is also effective)
19. improve equipment lag, run more smoothly
20. owns Fly-On_Mod ™ all the characteristics of

PS . Fly-On_Mod is a combination of many scripts, binaries, and other adjustments. Sqlite database optimization including network optimization sd card RAM optimization optimize optimized sliding UI optimization and many, it's will to improve the smoothness of the Android system, reducing the GUI lag, of course there will be some useful battery life improvements and adjustments!
21. has CrossBreeder all the characteristics of
PS . 1. DNS - In many applications, the lag is caused by a large number of reasons, in addition GUI lag, is due to slow DNS queries, especially in the mobile network.
CrossBreeder can improve and optimize this problem, which has accelerated network access and network applications, such as browsers. This will not increase your network or download speed but the page load faster.
2. Tuning the Operating System. Reducing the cpu consumption and the corresponding loss of battery life. It also has a better job at keeping entropy at a high level so that your equipment is more sensitive.
3. Change the kernel parameters
4. .................
22 more optimized not say, thin experience! !

Original ROM pics are here.....

I have been following this developer since 1 month.... She has not released any major updates until now... I must tell you all this is a very nice build keeping smooth & stability in mind.... It has many MODs as you can see it in the change log..
Download link ;

password : 2x45

Enjoy this super smooth , battery friendly Russian ROM translated into English with many performance tweaks !
Jun 6, 2013
I must admit that , this is the most battery friendly ROM i have ever used till now !
0.9% / hr !!! with WIFI ON :cool:
Super smooth & No FCs ... I recommend this ROM to you all ;)
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Jun 6, 2013
Finally the Legendary ROM from lsa0578!:cool:


If you don't mind, could you put the original thread link?
He He He... i dont know why you are calling that legendary !, but i felt it is very smooth & battery efficient... I think it it from site... i dont have the proper link also.. sorry for that.
when this ROM was posted in miui site, it was quoted that russian ROM translated to Chinese by Isa0578 ! with mods & tweaks...
Thats all. I felt like using it but in chinese... so i researched & found a solution to translate this ROM... & here it is English translated ROM for your usage....

Do U know where from russian lang is take? Or lsa0578 is russian? Very interesting!
Isa0578 is Chinese.... she has quoted this in her post in miui that it is infact a russian ROM..
you can see here
The package is based on the latest Russian MIUI development
by Liang Yi.... in ROM changelog
Feb 26, 2013
He He He... i dont know why you are calling that legendary !, but i felt it is very smooth & battery efficient...
Because the last time that I looked for this ROM in Chinese MIUI forums, aways great coments about this ROM, how the graphics are smoothness, the battery life are awesome, and other things
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Jun 6, 2013
I dont think it gets updated regularly.... sorry to say like this.
Its developer is is busy i think. no news about next release !
Will inform you once the updates are available !
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Oct 4, 2013
@type-R thanks for the bump. I haven't seen this thread before.

I like this ROM. It is lag free and the animations looks fantastic.

Is it only me, or photos in low light conditions are better? (MI2S 32gb) I mean, the blurring that I experienced in other ROMS with some photos. Especially, at portrait photos.
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