MIUI Notes syncs whole notes text to Google tasks topic


Apr 21, 2011
First, I'd like to say that I highly pleased about the new GTasks syncing feature of MIUI Notes. That's a long awaited feature.

But, when syncing MIUI Notes to Google Tasks, the whole notes text gets synced to a Google task topic field.

The most (if not all) other GTask syncing apps are syncing only the first line to the topic and the remaining text to the task body field. So unfortunately, when you synced your MIUI notes to GTasks and then afterwards sync your GTasks with some other Task app (like Dato GTasks) the MIUI notes get changed like described above, first line to topic and remains to body. When you now sync MIUI Notes again, the notes loses the text.

I'd suggest to change the sync behaviour of MIUI Notes to sync like other task apps.

Thanks again for your efforts and the great ROM,