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    Hi everyone,

    Good news, we've managed to get a working build setup for 2.1.6 and previous 1.12.30 builds. Apktool no longer poses a major problem (for now) therefore we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of our MIUIAndroid.com re-cooked MIUI ICS 4.0 Nexus S ROM.

    You can download it here: <a href="http://miui.connortumbleson.com/roms/ICS-2.1.6/miuiandroid_NS-2.1.6-ICS.zip" target="_blank">http://miui.connortumbleson.com/roms/ICS-2.1.6/miuiandroid_NS-2.1.6-ICS.zip</a>(Thanks iBotPeaches for Mirror 1)

    Or mirror here:

    <a href="http://weedy.ca/miuiandroid/2.1.6/miuiandroid_NS-2.1.6-ICS.zip" target="_blank">http://weedy.ca/miuiandroid/2.1.6/miuiandroid_NS-2.1.6-ICS.zip</a>(Thanks to Weedy for mirror 2)

    File MD5: 2a0883a275f54e90a6fae74636f92f49


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