Changelog MIUI ROM 2.5.25 Change log [ICS]

Discussion in 'MIUI News' started by MarkHUK, May 25, 2012.

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  1. MarkHUK

    MarkHUK Founder of Staff Member

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    • Added when manually installing an application the system will automaticall scan the app for viruses and security issues
    • New text editor function, press and hold on text to get magnifying glass
    • Optimisation to expand the m-key response range
    • Optimisation of the switch controls to replace the ideographic check controls
    • Fix panel (lower right corner) of current task list in "Task Manager" icon to click on a smaller area
    • Fix problem during call, cannot recognise some headphones when they are pulled out
    • Fix Exchange FC issues
    • Added support to make two short numbers
    • Optimisation of T9 to improve the search, synchronisation, update and import efficiency of contacts and reduce space and memory usage
    • Optimisation of number attribution input logic
    • Fix issues with SIP accounts causing FC
    • Fix in some cases the underlying state error leads to FC error in Phone
    • Fix in some cases sorting errors
    • Fix the number of contacts update error
    • Fix names which contain special characters (figures) cannot be directly searched for
    • Fix part of the multi-tone word problem of low-frequency sound
    • Fix in some cases the search will display repeated results
    • Fix cannot display SIP/Internet phone numbers
    • Fix in some cases strange numbers will be identified as contact problem
    • Fix problems where two SIP phone accounts causes FC if one is not set to main number
    • Fix FC error when invalid SIM is detected and attempting to set PIN lock code
    • Fix in some cases ringtone errors
    • Optimise the location and style of the contact details / avatar popup panel
    • Fix problem when setting large contact photo avatars leads to FC
    • Added new support (including Gregorian and Lunar calendars) to add birthday reminders
    [Alarm Clock]
    • Optimise the alarm interface resources package is deleted will cause the alarm to FC
    • Fix problem with messages, forwarding and copying details will not automatically exit the edit mode
    • Fix issues being usable to set SMS notification tones
    [Lock screen, Status bar and notifications]
    • Added support for facial unlock (FaceLock)
    • Added support to hide screenshot notifications (See Settings for details on disabling screenshot notifications on the status bar area)
    • Optimisation of clicking on the notification bar switch toggles
    • Fix lockscreen password protection, when screen automatically switches off and you wake the phone the lockscreen does not return to the initial state it was left in previously
    • Fix notification bar download progress bar background error
    • Optimisation of folder opening speed
    • Migration of V4 themes to new server
    • New support for themes to hide status bar lock screen icons
    • Optimise preview display effects for different devices
    • Add picture captured effects
    • Added two-finger pinch gesture zoom
    • Fix during focusing process, cannot exit the camera to view thumbnail previews
    • Fix FC issue for list of albums when pulling down list
    • Fix problems setting desktop and lock screen wallpapers when using third-party tools (unable to crop)
    • Viewing album picture optimised, significantly enhance the loading speed (up to 5 times more. First time app loads the cache will be rebuilt)
    • Fix part of the image size is displayed as a problem
    • Fix slideshow function causes FC error
    • Fix when pausing music via the status bar controller, the controller in some cases disappears
    • Optimisation of pattern lock UI (increase pattern drawing accuracy)
    • Optimise hardware keys light for 5 seconds then automatically turn off
    [Download Manager]
    • Fix problem where files cannot be downloaded over 3GWAP/ CN WAP
    • Optimisation of new night mode interface, 50% reduction in power consumption
    [Access Control]
    • Fix problem when access restriction is enabled the password can be bypassed in some cases
    [LED lights]
    • Fix problem setting LED light colours do not take effect
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  2. karmakula

    karmakula Members

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    Thanks and keep up the good work

    Sent from my GT-N7000
  3. Pa3cello

    Pa3cello Members

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    28 fixes ... wow ;)
    :cool: this ROM is getting better and better.
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  4. iKaos

    iKaos Members

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    Does this ROM have a working Email app/cleint that will work with Emails from Hotmail?
  5. illmouse

    illmouse Members

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    It's great to hear LED lights problem is fixed! But my LED setting is disappeared from settings menu!
    Have Mi-One latest build.
  6. nishadh

    nishadh Members

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    And the new traffic monitoring app??
  7. magnetic_man

    magnetic_man Members

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    Gotta love those changelogs, and i sometimes have no clue what they mean :p

  8. tosin01

    tosin01 Members

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    Yep, I use my hotmail account more than gmail and it works fine.
  9. tosin01

    tosin01 Members

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    Looking forward to this. Obvious question but can we OTA update this?
  10. blackstones

    blackstones Members

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    Great hope the led light function comes back to m1 mi-one phone :)
  11. Kiusugi

    Kiusugi Members

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    Is resolved FC when switch from camera to video recording in this version? (Galaxy Nexus)
  12. qdatvn

    qdatvn Members

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    Ring tone no loop...fix ?
  13. Angelo

    Angelo Members

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    Really cool. Could you also please fix copy to clipboard from contact list? It is not working....

    Sent from my GT-9100@MIUI 2.5.18+Siyah kernel
  14. iBotPeaches

    iBotPeaches Script Gatekeeper Staff Member

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    I'm sorry to say that Xiaomi pulled it from all builds at the last moment. They just couldn't fix all the bugs in one day with it :(
  15. Daxal

    Daxal Members

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    Seems like the pinch to zoom worked earlier ? what is the difference in this build ?

  16. @AdairJunior

    @AdairJunior Members

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    I swear this is the last time I ask... Font packs are working now?

    Samsung Galaxy SII + MIUI v4 + Tapatalk + SwiftKey
  17. Anas_xrt

    Anas_xrt Members

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    I still got the same problem now on 2.5.25
  18. Kam_El

    Kam_El Members

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    Updating via OTA now - changelog looks good can't wait!

    Well done Mark & rest of the team!
  19. HoodedMan

    HoodedMan Members

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    the famous magnifying glass for the text seems NOT to be working??? Can anybody cofirm of do I have to activate it somehow?
  20. Kam_El

    Kam_El Members

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    OTA doesn't appear to update properly by the way - downloaded, then said new version detected and had to re download. couldn't find the file anywhere...downloading via pc now.
  21. iBotPeaches

    iBotPeaches Script Gatekeeper Staff Member

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    I can confirm it works on Nexus S. To test. Open up Notes.apk, hold on text for about 2 seconds then start moving it slowly around. That starts the magnifying glass then you can move around like normal.
  22. whosiao

    whosiao Members

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    May i ask what happen to the browser offline reading, i cant seem to find that function anymore.
  23. nathanbru

    nathanbru Members

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    Updated OTA - works fine. SGS II
    Thank you!
  24. HoodedMan

    HoodedMan Members

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    SGS2... opened notes, longpress selects only current word and no magnifying glass is appearing... it is a fresh install no settings were changed.... this can be a bug!!!!
  25. ratiw

    ratiw Members

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    My SGS2 also does not have the magnifying glass as well. Only the select current word as HoodedMan described.
    Does anyone on SGS2 has this working?
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