Changelog MIUI ROM 2.6.29 Changelog

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Nov 6, 2010
  • Optimise Kernel update to B115
  • Optimise text editor magnifying glass function, stop some FC errors
  • SIM card PIN lock fix bootloop issues
  • Optimise returning to the call log list after ending a call, improve loading efficiency
  • Fix (CDMA) IP prefix by default is NULL
  • Fix in some cases, telephony FC errors
  • Fix call icon alignment problems
  • Add Group to Favorites list screen display
  • Fix in some cases, to add numbers to the merged contact details page will see less than the number
  • Fix some cases the contact list does not display the SIM card contacts
  • Repair deleted text messages led to FC errors
  • Fix SMS messages displaying the incorrect time
[Lock screen, status bar, notification bar]
  • Optimise the notification bar speed display and position adjustment
  • Optimise the default theme unlock button size, make it easier to use
  • Optimise unlock touch logic, reduce misuse of multi-touch function
  • Fix when using a custom theme, the status bar reverts to the default style after applying theme
  • Add further support for MIUI V4 Themes
[Camera] [MI-ONE]
  • Added new camera interface design, improve ease of use
  • Optimise default photo precision to 'fine'
  • Optimisation of application first startup, reminder about setting location against photos taken with the app
  • Added support for animated GIF image playback
  • Fix large view images, press the Menu key the loading animation spins repeatedly leading to FC error
  • Fix photo details page, long press the menu button - the menu bar keeps flashing
  • Fix in some devices, clicking browse SD card and going back leads to FC error
  • Fix FC error due to MIME type being unable to be detected
  • New HDMI controls (Device dependant)
  • Optimisation of the SIM card PIN code settings UI
[Guard / Anti Disturb]
  • Fix problems with SMS anti-disturb setting not taking effect
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Hi Mark, just wanted to make a request to Xiaomi via you! I make themes for MIUI V4, but is a confusion regarding the placement of files in "framework-miui-res" and "framework-res". If I ,and of course, other theme-makers too, try to place a certain file according to the files in framework-miui-res.apk and framework-res.apk as found inside the ROM, there is a little discrepancy. If I try to replace the modified files, for example, in framework-miui-res, it makes no difference. But when I put the same files in framework-res, it begins to work. My request is" please place the files where, when replaced, it works. Hope you understand. Thanks!
I know it is there in the changelog, but WHERE is the option to add a group to the favorites list in Contacts???
New camera ui keep crashing on M1. Not useable so far. If it persists will have to go back to old version
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