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Nov 6, 2010
Xiaomi account contacts synchronisation services at can now make use of advanced features such as Address book recovery function. You can shoose to restore your contacts for up to 60 days in any selected period you choose for the backup. If you mistakenly delete contacts this feature will allow you to easily recover them.

Online MiCloud Albums synchronisation, the release is still undergoing testing and should be optimised in time for Fridays release.

Recommended ROM updates for this Friday:

1. Desktop widgets, improved support for dynamic effects (Such as desktop clock dynamic effects, more about this on Friday)

2. Enhanced MiDrive functions, select from other applications to send files directly to your MiDrive. For example, send songs and pictures to MiDrive, this will also include Contact avatar upload support as well.

3. Improvement to MiCloud Picture sync settings
Solve power consumption issues with constant sync, now has option to only sync when charging, more about this on Friday)

Finally, next Thursday 16th August will mark the 2nd birthday for MIUI, witness a major announcement from Xiaomi. More news to follow!
Aghhhhh, dammit, never had patience and you´re making me wait!!!!
Anyway, cool changes coming..
I hope they announce the deadline for jb builds and the specs/release date of m2 and a tablet :)

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Muiu ROM is awesome, but on Huawei Honor it so-o-o-o slo-o-o-ow... And Can u make do something with memory usage? I'm runnig a browser or music app and trying switch to another app - lancher is take off, browser take off, all take off. It make me cry. :(
i am not able to make video call from my galaxy s2. will it be fixed???

There is no such feature. Samsung roms have that feature but the MIUI Dialer does not.
Also not working is the ability to merge calls or make a conference call with 2 parties.
Hopefully the second will be fixed some time and as for the first... well, lets hope they add it.
In case you are eager to install MIUI on your galaxy note, try

I've been using it for a week now and I can say that it is really stable and functional with the latest miui version.

Try it, you won't be disappointed.

Thanks dear...I am aware of it...but I wanted official support for Note.
One more ROM. Try this. This is better then above.
Rom Link-
One good reason is it is CM9 based.
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