Changelog MIUI ROM 3.1.18

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Nov 6, 2010
MIUI ROM 3.1.18 Update highlights
1. Optimization-significantly improved the service number library
2. New - Ticket Hotline, automatically dial and redial common service numbers (China only for now)

Full changelog

Optimization-Honor2 base to b542 (Manually update to EMUI b542 base after flashing MIUI complete ROM)
Optimization-Honor2 default storage location selection options

New - Ticket Hotline, automatically dial and redial common service numbers (China only for now)

Fix - Flap clock obscured issue

Fix - In some cases browsing the theme details page leads to FC errors
Fix - In some cases theme update encounters FC errors
Fix- Some theme applications are incomplete after rebooting
Fix-While applying default lock screen, currently used lock screen mark is incorrect

[File Explorer]
Fix - After searching an viewing a picture, then pressing the return (hardware) key leads to FC error
Fix - Decompression of RAR files in some cases leads to FC errors
Fix - Copying files to network disk leads to FC errors
Fix - Network (MiDrive) disk upload and download status bar icon issues

[Sound Recorder]
Fix - Playback recording then deleting the recording, next recording selection cannot be stopped

Fix- Input for PI and E in Calculator, he number 0 does not disappear
Aug 31, 2012
Is there MIUI toolbox for Galaxy Nexus MIUI to adjust the navbar height... or any other zip or mod for changing it? Desperately in need of it! :(
I'm assuming you know the unpacking and re-packing of apk files so here goes. Copy framework-re.apk form the \system\framework folder within the miui rom zip file.

I used APK-Multi-Tool2-master and unpacked my framework-res.apk file, I then opened the folder named framework-re.apk\APK-Multi-Tool2-master\projects\framework-res.apk\res\values\ . Now open dimens.xml file and edit this line:

<dimen name="navigation_bar_height">36.0dip</dimen>

I used 36 which worked fine for me, now repack and copy framework-re.apk back to the zip file.

:) You know the rest
Dec 12, 2012
Sorry for Offtopic but I have special requirements from the ROM. So is there any option as in CM7 and above to change the tracks with volume buttons? Like in the old SE Walkman series.

And if it has this option where to find it in the menus? :) Thx! :)
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