Changelog MIUI ROM 3.3.15 Changelog

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Nov 6, 2010
  • New - Collection page long and then copy the text
  • Optimise - View recommended SMS for the first time (including write view Recommended SMS text messages or directly in the message list page plan to "recommended") will pop-up the user agreement dialogue box
  • Fix - Session list edit mode to other tab
[Lock screen, status bar and notification bar]
  • Fix - Notification progress bar displays some unusual problems
  • Optimisation - Drop-down list style adjustment
  • Fix - Searching themes, some input methods "search" button action is invalid
  • Fix - Local theme update issues
  • Optimisation - Projector device dialogue box in new V5 style
  • Fix - Opening large picture list page, the file path cannot return to previous position
  • Fix - Memory overflow in some cases leads to FC error
[Sound Recorder]
  • New - Support for MP3 format recordings
  • New - Add recording pause functionality
  • Optimisation - Recording calls now pause instead of stop when put on hole and will automatically continue recording when restarted
  • Optimisation - Removal playback and pause notifications
  • Optimisation - Recorder will not close with Task Manager
  • Fix - Recordings list, drag the progress bar is not accurate
  • Fix - Renaming audio file, the text is not selected and the keyboard does not pop up to allow input
  • New - Highlighted search results
  • New - Add browser search results, the keyboard will automatically disappear
  • New - Long notes text shortcuts by number and website
  • New - Grid mode switch animation improvements
  • Optimise - Stored search results will not disappear when switching to alternative page
  • Optimise - Mobile sticky notes can create a notes folder
  • Fix - In some cases browsing notes leads to FC error
  • Fix - Sticky notes desktop widget font size and font size within notes is inconsistent
Feb 20, 2013
Also the files are now in the root of the sound rec not the sub folder phone rec.
(In Miui folder)
The default is mp3 whereas I was using amr before.
It's not a big deal, just rather untidy!
Feb 19, 2013
some future enhancements possible:
+ call recording is still in .amr format, could be set to higher quality?
+ PCM 16-bit for recording instead of PCM 8-bit
+ removal of the red bar once recording starts because at many instances, this is really annoying
+ a widget for record and stop recording
Feb 19, 2013
My calls since this update are in mp3 with no option to change format
bummer.... i did the 3.3.15 using update without any Wipe... this should be a problem on my phone only

anyway, it is better in mp3 format due to players and editors covering this format. bit rate should be higher as well.
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