MIUI screenshot brocken


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Nov 7, 2010
hi people

im running the latest miui (12.3) with pack 1d

I don't know what i did, but the screenshot feature is not working, SS sound gets played, file gets created, but its an empty file, no image inside.

i tried wiping dalvik, running a scandisk on the sdcard, fixin permisions, and i think that nothing else.

any brilliant ideas ? :p
broken, not brocken :p

i still haven't figured how i broke it, but since i also installed the gingerbread kb, and that broke the theme system, and going back to a nandroid from before the KB, just to make sure. (poor apps that had been updated :p )


since there is a new version tomorow, no change in hell im going to nandroid back XD
This issue is caused by the Gingerbread keyboard. It has been reported by a few people over in the xda-developers thread regarding the Gingerbread keyboard.
really ? i knew about the theme manager problem, not this.

i reverted to the old apk and .so, and i still have the problem, and a friend with 12.3, pack 1b, and the same gigner kb has the ss feature working.