MIUI updated to 2.3.4


Jan 30, 2011

According to Google, four important fixes are present!

* On the Nexus S, a sunset or a restart could occur unintentionally
* On the Nexus S, icons Wi-Fi and 3G could appear permanently active when it is not necessarily the case
* On the Nexus One, autonomy should return to its normal state, users have noticed some problems since the update 2.3.3
* On the Nexus One, users have noticed a loss of precision in geolocation, which should be corrected now

Any thoughts and expectations from you guys?

Ps: The new test Dark UI rocks! :D
Excited for the update & dark theme, but call me cynical I'm not sure how useful video calling will be (Even though it's the feature I'm hanging for the most) when only the rear camera works on my Galaxy S ;)

...shoulda got me a Nexus S :p
Have to agree with you about video calling - a feature most people will never use. I'd be more interested in the dark theme being introduced.

I did run the stock 2.3.4 rom for a few hours but didn't notice any difference tbh.

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Oh I'd use the video calling if I could, quite often, provided it works over 3G and isn't restricted to WiFi-only like other platforms :p
It's not even the video calling, it's the normal voice calling via google talk that I'd be interested in. That's also currently only available via the 2.3.4 update.