MIUI V4 is on MPDI


Mar 1, 2012
Dear MIUInies,

I don't know you guys have seen or not but with the help of TEAM COOPER MIUI V4 is rolling out on MPDI phones . And it seems it's flowing. Devices like LG Optimus P500, Sony X8, Galaxy Ace are having pie of MIUI. Personally I am using MIUI on my LG Optimus one and working with Fundooz to get it 100% stable.

My clear intention is, I just want some tips to get it work on all the MPDI devices. DEV from MIUI can guide us to get all the themes work on our mobile. Even they can start building and giving support to these devices.

All I can ask and say is you people are working hard to build better OS for everyone with charging a peny from them. Hats off.