Miui V6 + Viper4android + Soundcloud / Not Processing

Nov 10, 2014
Hello community

I try to enable Viper4Android for Soundcloud app (v. 15.05.26-release).
Viper4Android works for stock player but not for Soundcloud.

What I have done:
  • Installed newest Stericson Busybox
  • Disabled DIRAC
  • Removed MusicFX
  • Set SELinux to Permissive
  • Installed Viper4Android (v. FX) as System app
It does not work in Normal mode and in Compatible mode...
Did someone get it working with Soundcloud? Any Ideas?

Device: Xiaomi Mi3w with MIUI 5.5.29

Edit: Well it works, but only with bluetooth
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