MIUI! You rock guys! But 2 things are killing me!

Dec 12, 2010
Hey guys!

First let me felicitate you for your hard work! Really wonderful! Once I used MIUI i never looked to any thing else!

However 2 main issues are really bugging me! I'm not criticizing but rather i'm urging for development, so don't misunderstand me!

1-Launcher settings are really basic!
We need more features especially especially "scrollable widgets"! This is really important!

2-LCD density of 240 is HUGE for our phones!
We need to be able to decrease it; however when doing so, many things will get messed up especially calling windows and pics!
Please isn't there is any way to make things re-size accordingly with any LCD density?!? It's really really better to use 180 or 200 to take advantage of our huge screens!!!

Thanks a lot!



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Staff member
Nov 6, 2010
Scrolling widgets is something i am discussing with the Chinese developers. Hopefully they can look at it soon :)