MIUIANDROID.COM are not DEVELOPING miui roms well


Sep 14, 2011
i see the build whit the new code, but the themes are the same as the first ones in 1.8.5, and miui.com change the custom theme in their ROMS since 1.9.9.

example, the motorola defy in the original miui rom download source have the fix for battery and other tweaks in build.prop, and in the new builds here in miuiandroid.com it doesent have it.

dont thake it the other way, miuiandroid.com makes a good work and i think every one of the users are grateful and happy with every rom for their phone

if miuiandroid let me, i can help posting fixes in the thread, so if any one have a problem( if they are motorola defy users) im glad to help every one out there ok :)

The themes definitely are updated for other devices so this may just be an issue affecting the Defy. You are correct about the build.prop not being updated though which is quite odd and I hope Mark can look into this.

I have to say though.. starting a topic with "MIUIANDROID.COM are not DEVELOPING miui roms well" isn't a good idea and makes you look like a troll. You don't seem like a troll since you have asked a valid question, but maybe change the topic name if you can.
man i cant change the topic name :( since im a junior member.

im going to start updating to this page a full revamped mod miui for the motorola defy, this way wee can get the lastes thingt to our defy
why did you post this in the general chat when this is mostly affecting the motorola defy ask a mod to move it to the defy section