Mms.apk English Phrases


Nov 13, 2010
EDIT: irrelevant now -->

I'm kind of new here and I don't know if I'm intruding on anyone's territory, but I got tired of seeing Chinese phrases in the messaging app so in the meantime I went ahead and translated them myself since I know a little Chinese.

The translated Mms.apk:

I'm not sure if the new apk works 100%, but I got the English to show up after clearing the messaging app's cache for some reason. If I didn't repack it properly, here's the list of translated phrases if some apk expert happens to come along:

I'm in a meeting, call you back later.
Call you back later.
Traffic jam, I'll be late, sorry.
I'm on the way, be there soon.
I'm driving, get back to you later.
I'm out right now, call you when I get home.
Could you call me back a bit later? Thank you.
Where are you?
Can you contact me ASAP? Thank you.
Please call my work number. thank you.
Please call my home number, thank you.