New MMS Not working - Causing phone freeze.


Nov 27, 2010
I have started a new thread on this because nothing seems to be happening within the other threads in regards to this. I have tried all versions of ICS Miui.

I am currently on the latest 2.5.11. Running Siyah Kerenel 3.2.1.

In each incarnation I am unable to send MMS. Whenever I try to do so, the phone hangs, then freezes, until i get the pop up saying Unfortunately messaging has stopped. The photo is not sent. Then randomly, as well as when i unlock my phone, I get the same process over again.

This is a major issue for me as I am a photographer and i need to be able to send thru mock ups, locations shots etc, to art directors and clients.

Could someone please give me some feedback on this. I am loving the Rom, however this is a real killer for me.

Also if you too are also getting this problem, please post below to help bring more attention to the issue.

And yes i have tried full wipes/not full wipes, every which way possible to install the ROM correctly. Also with and without backing up old data and apps.

Please help.