[MOD] 24DPI, 36DPI Navigation Bar - Soft Keys [MIUI v5]

Discussion in 'MIUI Mods' started by Pele, May 3, 2013.

  1. Pele

    Pele Guest


    Developer/Member : sebsch1991

    This Mod reduces the size of the Navigation Bar for Google Nexus Phones!

    Every time up to date with newest MIUI v5 releases!

    Requirements :

    --Device: Google Galaxy Nexus GSM -- Google Galaxy Nexus Verizon -- Google Nexus 4
    --ROM: MIUI v5 (see Download section for different Versions) OTHER ROMS ON REQUEST

    How to install :

    --Back up and have a working rom on your sdcard, just in case anything goes wrong
    --Place your selected DPI Mod zip for your device on your sdcard
    --Reboot into Recovery
    --Flash zip from sdcard

    All Versions available in 24 DPI and 36 DPI

    Downloads :

    LG Nexus 4
    Galaxy Nexus (maguro)
    Galaxy Nexus (toro)

    More mods added for other devices :

    Important : untested - please back up your device and have a working rom available on your sdcard

    HTC One X
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2
    Xiaomi MI1
    Xiaomi MI2 & MI2S
    Xperia Arc S


    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
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  2. ahmadpor

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    please this mod for another device(xperia family or xperia arc s miui v5)
  3. Pele

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    Yes I'm talking to the developer of this mod.

    Hopefully in the next few days we will have this available for more MIUI v5 devices.

    It's a excellent mod, enhances the whole experience ;)
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  4. sebsch1991

    sebsch1991 Members

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    Ive uploaded CWM flashable ZIPs for current official devices:

    available here:

    (NOT TESTED) since I have none of the devices..
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  5. Pele

    Pele Guest

    Thank you, ill update the OP today, inc better screenshots :D
  6. Pele

    Pele Guest

    OP updated.
    • more mods for other devices added
    • please read instructions as always
    • screenshots updated (clearer)
  7. qbert456

    qbert456 Members

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    I don't see how this would work on a mi2 am I missing something?
  8. sebsch1991

    sebsch1991 Members

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    You can activate Navigation Bars like the Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 4 have simply by editing your build.prop on any current device.
    qemu.hw.mainkeys=0 (1 =enabled / 0 =disabled)

    If you enabled it, my mod will reduce the size of that navigation bar to fit your personal taste...
    If you disabled it, my mod would be applied to your rom, but you wont recognize any difference
  9. qbert456

    qbert456 Members

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    Thanks for clarifying!
    If I could activate the bar with a simple click the night that would be awesome!
    But thanks for explaining
  10. Edward.E

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    any chance of files for Nexus 4 now ?
  11. Pele

    Pele Guest


    Just trying to work out a weekly system atm, to keep these up to date with the Dev. Currently he is having some apktool issues.
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  12. Edward.E

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    btw anyway to edit dpi ?? the icons seem too large on nexus 4 :(
  13. sebsch1991

    sebsch1991 Members

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    I have updated the xda Main Thread - check it out. (Opening Post in here should be updated)

    Added latest Nexus 4 3.6.7 and Sony Xperia T 3.5.31 Versions in 24 and 36 dpi.

    Sorry there is currently no way to make it editable. Watch out latest Versions vor Nexus 4. Dont think that 24 dpi will be too big for you ;-P
  14. abood1990

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    hey all ,, i'm trying to edit the framework-res.apk and i'm getting this error ,, i only got this error on this version of miui ,, never had it before

    looking to disable the crt animation on galaxy nexus

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  15. sebsch1991

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    you need to update your aapt environment ...take the one ive attached

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  16. diimaswanda

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    can you make for Xperia Ray bro???
  17. teknoktan

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    broken links
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  18. raikkoni27

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    page not found! any mirrors?
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  19. laur2007xxx

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  20. sertaç binli

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    Hey maguro's links not working. Pls re-upload
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