Mod contacts to allow custom SMS notification per contact or group.


Sep 23, 2011
[REQ] Mod contacts to allow custom SMS notification per contact or group


I was wondering if it possible to make a mod to the contacts in MIUI to allow a custom SMS tone per contact or group.

Just like it allows for a custom Ring tone per contact, when you edit contact there is a little bell to tap on and choose tone. I think there should be a little SMS balloon icon right below that which allows to change SMS tone.

I expect that I am not the only one wishing for this feature. All of the 3rd party apps that are supposed to do this fall significantly short in some way or do not work at all.

ATTN: Moderator, sorry about posting several times. The first few I didn't see the notice about moderation for this forum as it flashed past too fast to read, therefore I thought it failed. The content seemed to go wonky too, but I have filled in with the post above. Please feel free to delete this post and the 2 other "moved" versions. Thanks
Ok, I have decompiled the Contacts.apk by following MarkHuk's thread "Definitive guide for APK editing on"

Wow, there is a lot of stuff in there. I wonder if any devs want to point me in the right direction as I am not programer/dev?
There are apps that can achieve this. It would be nice if it were included in the rom though. Good luck.

Tap'd via SGS + MIUI
I know this is an old thread but has anyone considered looking at this? It would be a great feature to complete the contacts app that comes stock with MIUI.