[MOD][MIUI4] Volume+ Mod for MIUI4 v2.7.20 (Hold volume to skip tracks)


Jul 24, 2012
You all know it. Roots in Cyanogenmod, ported to MIUI Gingerbread and many other ROM's over time... but new MIUI4 ROM's have missed out for too long. So here it is. Hold Volume-Up to skip forward a track, Down for back. Only works while music is playing and while screen is off and locked. Apparently it will also change FM channel if playing Radio, don't know.

It is based on MIUI UK's MIUI v2.7.20 for the Arc S, and will only work on ports from that device. Will result in a bootloop if used on another device. If you want to port it to another ROM, check the 'Source Changes' file on what smali code needs to be added.

This wouldn't have been possible without 7OH's original mod for Xperia's on Stock ICS. I just ported it to MIUI.

This is not a flashable ZIP, sort it out yourself (port it to your ROM is recommended). Extract, push android.policy.jar to /system/framework/ (overwrite old one) and optionally chmod it to 644.

Integrate it in your ROM if you wish, credit would be appreciated.

Also attached is some info on the smali changes (a unified diff and two new files).

[Download at original XDA thread]
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Mean..... or honest? It was late and I was cranky over something lol sorry, so many Android "devs" never want to share their work.... First post updated.