Modding startup page of Video app

Jul 22, 2012

We all know MIUI Video app, and I may say most of us like it very much. It's a really good app.

For some users like me, I only use it to play videos on web or on local storage, some use it to browse videos from the app it self. This is an issue.

As a representative of the Arab users of MIUI, I had some complaints about the app showing "pornographic" material. It may be "Nude",
"Adult", "+18", "Erotic", etc. Not important, the important thing is, Arabs, don't prefer to see this type of content, it's not ok to see it here.

Now, how could we block the homepage of this app, change it, or remove it?

I really need to know this, sometimes, small things like this one, can make change from using MIUI, or using any other rom.

I hope someone can help me with this and I hope the solution is from the app it self and not with addons.
Sep 22, 2013
hello, i think there an option in MiTools to use the old MiuiVideoPlayer.apk (you need to have it installed) and then you can delete MiuiVideo.apk
there also one option to reverse the order of the tabs in mitools.

Edit: you can remove the online tab by editing some xml's in the applications itself (you must decompile it with apktool, and then it's localized in \res\layout\ (probably in the file home.xml, but not sure)).
i cannot help you at this time because my phone is broken so i can't modify and try the app :( but it's not that hard, try it.

or i guess you can ask BurgerZ (the author of MiTools) if he can add a setting for it in his app, that way you don't have to modify the apk for each new version. It's not much work he will probably accept your request.

Edit2: or just delete miuivideo.apk and use one other video player ;)
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