.MTZ Doesn't fully work


Apr 8, 2012
I always prefer to download themes from this site as there seems to be a much larger range to choose from. However when I download the theme that I want and put it into the "themes" folder and try to apply it, it never fully works. For example, it will only change the icons, background and lock screen. When I have downloaded themes from the built in "themes" app that comes with MIUI it fully applies. On closer inspection it appears that the themes I download using the app are '.zip' instead of '.MTZ'. This may be why .MTZ doesn't fully work. If so are there any fixes for this?
no, i am meaning that the files that are .zip work, and the files that are .mtz don't work.
Edit - I have also used your idea in reverse, by renaming the file from .mtz to .zip and it still doesn't work