Multi lanquage based on Stable rom?

May 17, 2014
Is there a multi language rom basd on stable as i find my mi3 better performing under stable hongkong rom or /singapore rom. but i would love to have multi language on 4.3Jelly bean.

Kitkat also gives much lower antutu scores most of the time.

Maybe its been asked before, ifso please show me the link then
May 17, 2014
No, there isn't. Install latest weekly based on JB (4.4.27) if you want a stable version based on it.
Dear Piesko,
thank you for your reply, when i browse older versions i cant see that 4.4.27, latest with 4.3jelly bean is 4.4.25?
is it the same? as i read 4.4.27 was a quick patch update to fix an issue in 4.4.25..

also wont it than always be botthering me with update being available?
May 17, 2014
once again, many thanks..
Just downloading the package. I'll install it and see if i like it more. If not i always could go for English Singapore/Malasian Rom or Upgrade back to latest Multilanguage.

On latest KK it just doesn give me those really high antutu scores anymore average around 27000's even on performance mode.. Its not worst in the world but sometimes friends ask about the speed of the device compared to their devices it used to be topnotch, weird when it first beated the s5 and note 3 and now sitting well under them.

Daily use is fine and solid, but maybe due to the country i life in it performs different from time to time..not sure why.

thanks for helping anyway. think this thread can be closed to stay tidy
Jun 2, 2014
I would not minimally care of what your friends think about useless benchmarks like Antutu, following those beliefs you're losing last updates ;)
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May 17, 2014
I would not minimally care of what your friends think about useless benchmarks like Antutu, following those beliefs you're losing last updates ;)
Well i kinda agree, benchmarks are not the best way to show a device strength, but hey its more of the psychological thing of seeing that it wont hit the high scores it once did. I have this feeling that the latest firmware releases for Singapore and Malaysia are the best performing stables. Those are also way better google integrated than Chinese rom.
Those should be the base for a stable multilang Rom, I love having my mi3 in my native language but don't like to have it in developers mode, some weeks it can be a bit buggy.
Like 2or3 weeks ago things were buggy with occacional black glitches, a week later its fixed and super fast, than last week its slow on benchmarks, today it was quick again but choppy on the animations of the ui..

i think i'm going to look into the diffrence between singapore vs. Malaysia and see whats best.. any idea of major diffrences between the 2? I thought SGP has no Google Keyboard only Pinyin, and Malaysian is allready all the google apps installed wich is overkill.. As i only sort of use Google+,Gmail, Playstore, Calendar,Maps..

thanks for helping and replying!
Sep 22, 2013
@Jeffrey van Zeijst if i remember, those versions have less features : no kuaipan(cloud storage) in filemanager, no online music, no Mimarket, no gamecenter, not sure about what else
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Aug 20, 2011
We can't release stable 4.3 multilang versions because we already have translations updated to 4.4.2. We cant step back.

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