Music progress/search bar, problems in multiple music players


Nov 7, 2010
In 1.4.1 the progress bar in PowerAMP, Spotify and Doubletwist Media Player is acting really weird. I can't imagine this being due to anything other than the newer versions of MIUI.

When you try to skip forward in a song by dragging the little indicator of where you currently are it doesn't detect where I have my finger accurately (PowerAMP), jump around a lot (Spotify) or just can't be dragged at all (Doubletwist).

Similar problems were found in 1.3.25, but in that version of MIUI the problems were even worse, PowerAMP even crashed when trying to tap on the progress bar or drag the indicator.
+1 This drove me nuts today while trying to run a band rehearsal with PowerAMP. Scrubber bar was just acting really weird, and I never experienced this behavior before flashing GB.

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