MIUI 1.12.30 on Galaxy S2: MMS, Messaging, SMS, Music Player and Rebooting Bugs

Andrew Bitto

Dec 25, 2011
My phone: Samsung Galaxy S2, International version. Cleared cache and Dalvik Cache on installation through ROM Manager.

Rebooting during call (intermittent)?
MIUI 1.12.30 problems: During a call, phone rebooted without warning, about 2 minutes into a received call. Doesn't happen with every call, just intermittently.

Messaging / SMS
This MIUI 1.12.30 update also broke my messaging. Now, whenever I attempt to open the Messaging app, I get “The application Messaging (process com.android.mms) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." I get this every time.

Additionally, sending and receiving MMS does not work (it fails to send if there are MMS attachments, fails to receive MMS also) for me for earlier MIUI ROM 1.12.23 either. Will MMS be working/fixed soon / are there still significant problems getting MMS to work for other people? Is it just me?

Music Player Scroll Bar
Also, when using popular music players like DoubleTwist or PowerAmp, the scrobble bar / scroll bar does not allow you to scroll through the playing song/track. It works for stock Music though (too bad it’s nowhere near as good as Doubletwist). Can someone point this out to the Devs to test?

Good effort otherwise!