My MIUI wish / bug list regarding the built-in music player


May 31, 2011
Hey I am using xdas MCG version of MIUI on my SGS. Here is a list of things I would like improved (except of the obvious eg. battery and signal problems)

Seing as I am using my smartphone to listen to music. There are a few annoyances with the built-in player. The music starts playing as soon as I am plugging in the headphones. Even ignores my default player preference. Is this normal behavior? Another thing is the widget of the standard player. Which is always there. Even when I am listening to music with a different player. And even shows the pic in low res. High res is available. I was using playerpro before switching to MIUI. But the built-in music player always got in the way. So I thought might as well use it.

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Ive noticed the same behavior, very annoying, i start hearing using another player and out of no where another song starts,

Eventually i have used root uninstaller to "freeze" the default player.

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