MyTouch 4G Rooted - Flashed MIUI...but selling


Oct 17, 2011
I sold on ebay and told him I could sell with MIUI. I also gave the option of flashing any other ROM I have

A buddy AND a guy on XDA suggested I flash the manufacturers firmware (stock?)
Is that the same as Unrooting?

Which of those two would be easier...keep in mind I had help rooting, and the only way I know how to flash is with ROM Manager . When we rooted, never had to type many lines of code. Just a couple, but hitting a lot of buttons.

So I am assuming there are different types of rooting, and u know the simple one I am speaking of

Unrooting is hard I assume
Where could I get the ROM for original MyTouch case he wants that on

Lastly, the XDA guy suggested I Flash, then reset to factory ????
I thought flashing was doing that?
The only thing I can think of is when I flashed once, restarted and hit wipe once by mistake and I came back and the MIUI was still there. It does not go away, just makes sure it is especially clean, nothing from me or my account was put on??

Am I correct about that

Your help is APPRECIATED
FOrgive me ,I am rather anxious about it. And I don't understand all the confusing stuff