Need advice porting to Droid X


Jul 11, 2011
NOTE: If you do not know how to SBF or have problems SBFing please do not post about it here. This is a research thread

A while ago TreyM started development on MIUI4DX. Unfortunately he does not own a Droid X. And due to personal reasons he may not be returning to the scene for some time. If he was here I would ask to take over development, but because of the circumstances I've decided to head development. (If anyone has an issue with this please contact me.)

I'd use the other thread created by TreyM for this, but I feel due to this being very unstable and being in a place where there are other device developers, I may be able to get some more input. Also this is an older build of MIUI,

Here comes the hot stuff!

These are in form. Just install as a zip through ClockworkMod

To grab a logcat you must have the ADB. Open a terminal (Command Prompt) and input the following:
adb devices
adb -d logcat > MIUI4DX-logcat.txt

I also need dmesg output.
adb devices
adb shell

Go to and post a link to logcats and dmesg output here.

Test builds, and changelogs.

Here is test #9. It is basically the Defy MIUI ported to the Droid X
Does not get to the bootanimation

This is test #10. It's basicly the Defy apps, and framework-res.apk forted to CM7:
This actually gets to the bootanimation

Please, please, please look over the logcats, and dmesg for both of them. I can't decided which to go from.

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