Sep 3, 2021
Hi, I have poco F2 pro. Last week I updated to MIUI 12.5.2 and Android 11. However, I regret this decision because of small inconveniences.

1) Digital Wellbeing's Focus Mode does not work properly anymore. I still receive notification sounds even if Focus Mode is turned on. It was working properly before updating to 12.5.2 and Android 11.

2) On Nova launcher, recents button has no animation.

3) Another problem is small weird bugs and for example square chat heads on messenger but this is not a big problem. Most important is 1) and 2).

Anyways, my question to you is: which version of stable ROM should I get? I want 1) and 2) problems to be fixed. does it have to be Android 10? MIUI 12.0? I honestly don't remember what version I had before updating but think this problems don't happen with Android 10. So which version would you recommend to downgrade to? So that it fixes my problems (Focus Mode is the most important). Thanks in advance, I need your help very much.