Netflix not working with miui 2.3?

Working fine for me.

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I live in Canada so I figured that that might be the issue...but OP lives in that's weird
Works perfect for me, tested it by watching a few episodes of Futurama.

I'm in California, using my home wireless running Miui 1.4.29.
It only available for certain phones right now. You need to change your build prop to one of the supported phones to get it to work.

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well I got the nexus s and the nexus one and none of them work...i'll try to flash CM7 on my nexus one and see if it works
Not working for me on Nexus S with 1.5.13 in the US. Says its not supported on this device.

What the heck is the build prop and how do I change it? I think we had a problem like this before on the NS where changing the build prop fixed it...can't remember what, hmm. I think Mark just ended up building it into the lang pack.

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Found the issue.

In /system/build.prop on 1.5.13, change the line:




Then reboot. Working beautifully for me now...currently streaming Serenity :p.

Disclaimer: I don't know if the manufacturer was purposely set to "unknown" or if its simply an oversight, so proceed with caution I suppose.

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