New feature suggestion - Call button on Phone/Contacts list


May 15, 2011
Hi All

I would like please to suggest the following feature
I'm sure you know the idea isn't mine but still it's really missing.
I'm using only the dialer screen and almost never use the 'people' tab, mostly because the T9 search is much much quicker than the normal one.
So , currently i'm using the option where 1 click on the contact line calls him/her, but sometimes i want go to his/hers 'profile' so i need to long press,
Why not creating a phone icon on the right of the contact line on the 'dialer' tab and making it a link to 'call' any other click will open the contact page or something ...

What do you think guys ?

PS... it's implemented in 'Rocker Dialer' take a look :
Instead of long pressing, just tap the picture of the contact when in the dialer. It gives you the option of going to that person's information.

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