[List] All Samsung Galaxy S2 Bugs


Oct 29, 2011
Howdy :)

I'm using this ROM for daily uses instead of the stock ROM since the Beta version till the latest version 1.11.11

Here are the list of Bugs that I discovered and believe me they are really annoying and destroying some of the beauty and functionality of this awesome ROM :

1. Call Recording doesn't work probably, when you set the setting to auto record then return after the call to the recording list, all files are muted ! No sound are in the files, useless files :(
2. [Headphones Only] Volume buttons get the sound to its highest level ( Which is lower than stock Rom and many custom ROMs ) after 4 clicks ( about 25% of the bar ) after that clicking volume up just fills the volume bar without actual sound volume increase in your ears !
3. Battery Drains
4. Feedback widget, Updater app, Themes app ( Including 99% of themes in it ) Contain Chinese phrases which I can't understand
5. No Service Issue ( Connection to cellular carrier disconnects and you need to restart the phone to get signal bars and receive calls/sms ) ( TERRIBLE BUG )
6. Camera takes photos sooooooooooo slowly
7. Notifications Bar doesn't show labels under icons ( Quick shortcuts, small version )
8. Arabic isn't Officially implemented, using patches found On XDA-Developers forums can only add read/write support but it's limited and doesn't include Carrier USSD codes ( Like *150# and various Carrier USSD codes ), Please implement system-wide Arabic support
9. In Call Log when you hold on unsaved # it shows you ( View Contact ) !!! it should show ( Add contact ) Directly
10. Messaging app doesn't support sending Blank SMS which is required by some carriers to subscribe to several services ( So Important please support this )
11. Music app gets 1 album art from the internet and pastes it to 90% of songs instead of finding the appropriate album art for each song and save it like lyrics feature
12. Also in Music app it's so hard to jump to a specific time of the song, The time bar and the equalizer are so stick, you need to separate them by moving the time bar to the bottom.
13. Attach the Stock Android Source Theme with the themes app for the people who don't like themeing.
14. WI-FI specific-network proxy work only with the stock browser, it doesn't support using 3rd party browsers like Firefox, nor using Market/Maps/Downloads or any app thar requires internet connection, you need to make Wi-FI networks that work only via a proxy to work system-wide.
15. Microfone Bug Reported and confirmed by Some users Here
16. Sound Via USB/HDMI Bug ( Car Dock ) also reported here
17. Sometimes when headphones are disconnected when Clicking Volume Up the Popping Volume is Labeled "Bluetooth Headset" While there is no BT headphones connected nor BT is even activated!

I hope I didn't forget anything

Please support me and solve those bugs

Other GS2 users please notify me if you get any other bugs.
Thanks so much for such great efforts
Thanks Guys for reporting, unfortunately I think that no one is Going to hear from Us, this forum looks so dead, even no one notices the spam accounts and their replies on some threads :(
Keyboard selection loss after reboot

-The choice of the favorite keyboard are lost after a restart of the smartphone.
After smartphone reboot, the last listed keyboard of the keyboard selection list (settings) is defined as standard keyboard.
One important thing is missing in MIUI is 1080p or even good working 720p support.
The camera will work but at the moment it is not possible to play HD video without shocking. I have already tried all available players from the market.
It's a shame. Bye bye MIUI (for now).
Packet data (3G&4G) connection is not working. Is there anyone else experiencing this problem and does anyone know about a fix? Sent from a SGS2
Packet data (3G&4G) connection is not working. Is there anyone else experiencing this problem and does anyone know about a fix? Sent from a SGS2
Actually Packet data isn't working for me and I though it's carrier-related problem !
UP, any good news guys? I wanna leave the damn Stock ROM to MIUI but I can't stand all those bugs, maybe any moderator/developer can respond to us please?
Vibration stopped a couple of weeks ago and won't come back, even when I'm fidgeting with the settings.
also running 2.2.17 these may be just me..but when selecting to copy contact to home screen it places the icon there but no picture.. couple of things in the stock messaging apt unable to set a sms service number and have it stay(works fine with go sms) in the 3rd tab of the messaging apt it's all Chinese.. (no disrespect intended).. takes a bit for it to ring when receiving a call (ringtone wise) other wise running well..

added pictures..


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Will see if one of our team has a chance to test some of these concerns. Just replying so you know we are viewing and listening to you guys.
nice jobs folks..the messaging bug fixed in 2.2.24 (GB) no more recommended..contacts on home screen still no picture..:oops:
nice jobs folks..the messaging bug fixed in 2.2.24 (GB) no more recommended..contacts on home screen still no picture..:oops:
Congratulations, I didn't have that tab myself, didn't try the Contact Shortcut either.
I hope MIUI team will fix all bugs so soon :)
Hi aatkco, could you try the contacts to home screen..and see if it happen with you as it maybe my rom..plz..ty
I cannot believe it, I have never had a problem with the no-service-bug and now with 2.3.9 I got it and it just won't leave. I have tried re-installing rom with full and complete wipes and I have tried installing different roms but the darn thing stays. It is soooo irritating. Gonna give this bmaorko's fix a try but I doubt it. If anyone has any advice I would be highly appreciative to hear it. Can only use 2g at slow speeds. As soon as I change to 3g then it just tunes emergency calls only. Darn, darn, darn.
Hey no worries I have found out that it is because of the pathetic rip off of a network I am with. I use 8ta and now have finally had enough. I tried a different sim, namely a MTN sim card and it worked flawlessly, perfect HSDPA at 7.5mb/s. I hate it when massive scams like this are perpetrated on the public but hey what can you do except swap networks. Just more expensive going the other route but hey I suppose you get what you pay for. Thanks anyway and there is nothing wrong with this rom or siyah just a useless scam of a network. Thanks for the awesome kernel and brilliant miui guys.