Preview New Network Assistant for MIUI V4 (monitor)




Here is a sneak preview of the New Network Assistant for MIUI V4 (also known as the Monitor Application).

This is a major overhaul to the current Monitor application, and it looks great!. Check out the Screenshots below.

It means that in next release the Monitor.apk will be deleted and NetworkAssistant.apk will be added?
Yeah, it has been removed and now I constantly get the message I have exceed my mobile data limit but I can't the setting... So frustrating!
But this looks excellent.
Looks very good! :)
My only request would be if they could implement minutes monitoring because it's not data I ever really have to keep an eye on as I connect to WiFi everywhere I go, but it's my call time as I have 500 minutes per month and use almost all of it each month but have to keep an eye on it by checking my operator website.