*NEW* SGS2 MIUI V2.3.23 Call Recording WORKS LIKE CHARM!

I don't think Call Recording has made its way into ICS yet. Its available in GB though.
mmm then will wait for it, thanks for your reply =)

one more question! what about the CRT off effect?
Can you explain what you mean by CRT Effect ? what is your exact question?

Thank you for replaying, and her a small video showing what it is~
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Do you not have that ?

Enabled it via > settings> display > Screen on Animation
hmmm odd you sure its not there ?

Settings > display then scroll down and see screen animation on and screen animation off
affff your on v4,0 miui. Then it should be enabled by default if not then possible its not enabled just yet - this is a new fresh build for sgs2 so give it time to mature.