ToKo the Totem

Apr 29, 2021
Tldr verison: new to xaiomi and need 'how to' info on how to set up in a user friendly fashion. I currently know very little about roms or bloatware. Living in the US

I recieved my 11 U monday night. It is the Chinese version.
Even on the google play store I cannot install chrome.
I'm struggling to set up the phone, it came with google play store preinstalled, though downloads keep defaulting to the Mi app store which is in Chinese. When I swipe up it pulls up a search function also in Chinese. How do I set google playstore as my default play store and make google the default browser? How do I make the phone entirely in English?
I'm new to xiaomi and am looking to make it more user friendly, I have a Samsung note 8 currently and looking to make the interface similar.
I've read a bit about debloating on reddit but unsure what that means.
Any tips tricks or how to videos would be very appriciated
I live in the united states and have tmobile.
Thanks in advance


Jun 11, 2020

First this is not meant to be a general Xiaomi forum, it is a forum dedicated to a custom ROM called

Second, the Chinese ROM is not meant to be used outside of China. If you want the phone to become user friendly, I think you need to install a global ROM, or ROM.

Maybe you will find some answers here : Take your time to read the full thread, flashing seems to brick the phone in some cases.