mi 11 ultra

  1. C

    Charging battery issue

    Hey guys, I have had my Mi 11 Ultra, China version, for a while now, and about 6 months ago I had a problem with its CPU. Out of nowhere, it turned off and never turned on again until the assistance team replaced the CPU with a new global version CPU. After that, all was well with the phone...
  2. sharvangupta

    Mobile stuck at bootloader

    Hi team, last week i purchased used MI 11 Ultra mobile and found that it was rooted(unlocked), I follow a stupid youtuber to lock the phone back, but the phone got stuck at bootloader and not the mobile is not getting boot, its just looping at bootload and saying mobile can not boot on...
  3. Z

    Mi 11 Ultra Hard bricked and locked bootloader

    Hello everybody. I'm a huge xiaomi fan and until today I've never had any issus but unfortunately and with my son's help, I'm now in a big mess. I bought a used mi 11 ultra and when I got home, my son wanted to show his skills in flashing the ROM from the global version to the EU. It went...
  4. M

    Mi 11 Ultra stuck on MIUI 12.5.4

    When I try to update my MIUI version it downloads the new version but gets stuck at 100% as you can see in the image. I've tried downloading the latest version from this website and enabling developer options to pick the specific file to update with but in that case it says my storage is...
  5. J

    New Mi 11 Ultra Earphone not detecting

    I just updated my Mi 11 Ultra (auto update no manual updating from rom) and after that my wired earphone is not detecting for USB C slot when it is above 25% battery.
  6. kcorrea1

    New Mi 11 Ultra (star) Auto Brightness issue (v14. and v14.0.6-Stable)

    Mi 11 Ultra (star) v14. Earlier v14.0.6-Stable Both Stable and Weekly on the star has an Auto-Brightness bug. Auto Brightness makes the screen too dark in low light and sometimes even in bright light. Can someone please advise. I have Sunlight mode enabled at the moment.
  7. J

    New Notifications issue on xiaomi 11 ultra after installing miui 14.0.6 stable

    Hi everybody. Just wanted to state an issue i dont know if others are facing or not that the notifications afters updating to 14.0.6 stable are delayed or sometimes does not come until the specific app is opened. I checked on google and suggestions from other members on this site and followed...
  8. 2

    Did I brick my Mi11 Ultra?

    Hi everyone, I have the bad feeling that I bricked my phone. Hopefully this is not the case and someone is able to help out with some tips. I factory reseted my Mi11 Ultra which was running the latest MIUI 14 stable. After I've done that, I recognized that all data was still there but I wanted...
  9. T

    Mi 11 Ultra (Bricked?) - Please help

    Hi, Today's morning my Mi 11 Ultra decided to brick itself(?) and now I can't turn it on, and the phone is stuck in a boot loop. This case is hard to identify for me as this happened during watching YouTube (no updates, no interference in system files, nothing). I was just using my phone as...
  10. D

    Mi 11 Ultra does not receive notifications on the rear screen

    Hello friends! My name is Daniel, I'm from Brazil! I need everyone's help! I was on Xiaomi MI 11 ULTRA on MIUI STABLE and now I switched to WEEKLY, the back screen is not getting notifications in any of the ROMs (stable and weekly) in all apps (Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, Emails...) How...
  11. V

    Mi 11 Ultra from China

    Hello guys, I'm looking forward to buy one of these, but the sellers from AliExpress say, that there is no way how to flash custom ROM, or recovery to their CN phones, even if they are selling them with Global ROM. So I'm confused... If you unlock bootloader and they have to do that to be able...
  12. S

    Stuck on Fastboot , after trying to root my phone

    I was trying to root my phone Mi 11 Ultra, i Unlocked the phone and then installed twrp, and when I uploaded magisk file this problem happened. Now i can't do anything with my phone its stuck on fastboot. still, show when I write the command :( fastboot devices ) i was trying to flash it using...
  13. S

    How to install Magisk on Mi 11 Ultra WITH TWRP (MIUI 14)

    Hey everyone In my quest to get gestures working on 3rd party launchers, I've come to the conclusion that I need to use Magisk - the adb commands to hide the navbar haven't worked for me, which makes me reluctant to buy the lADB app in case that doesn't work, not to mention I'd rather have a...
  14. O

    Invalid [MIUI 14 Beta] Internet problems Mi 11 Ultra

    Hey, after updating to MIUI 14 I have a problem with the internet, mainly mobile. It happens that the phone loses coverage at random moments and mobile internet access is unavailable for a long time. APN data is deleted every few days. Most often it looks like this - about once a week I lose...
  15. F

    ROM Global, Stable

    Good evening... I'm wanting to put the global ROM back on the xiaomi MI 11 Ultra, I installed a mi.eu ROM, but I want to install the global stable ROM again... Is there any risk in doing this? I downloaded the ROM through the application "MIUI DOWNLOADER", Fastboot version... Can I install it...
  16. F

    Official TWRP Installation on Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra

    Hello friends.. I'm from Brazil and I recently acquired an MI 11 Ultra, I installed via Fastboot version V13.0.12.0 SKACNXM | Stable but now asking to update to V13.0.13 SKACNXM | Stable, and from what I've seen it only updates using TWRP... But, I'm new to these installations of programs and...
  17. Project_DeloS

    Problems installing rom .eu via twrp, it only works for me via fastboot

    Install xiaomi.eu on mi xiaomi 11 ultra. I couldn't do it through twrp following the guide, it gave me errors, I could do it with the easy installation rom via fastboot. The problem is that now an update skips and I can't update, in twrp it gives me an error. Isn't there an easy update mode via...
  18. B

    Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra photo gallery and image editor

    Hi, I'm on last stable rom by Xiaomi.eu for my Mi 11 Ultra (13.0.13). I love the photo editor included in the gallery app but I have a problem: every time I try to modify a picture, for example "Sky", "erase tool" or "beauty filter" I have to download the module again and, if I am offline, I...
  19. S

    Can't update my 11 Ultra with the current version 22.8.10

    I have downloaded the current zip of the newest version for mi Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra (Version xiaomi.eu_multi_MI11Pro_MI11Ultra_22.8.10_2f290ff73f_v13-12) But when I open the zip then I can't find any macos_fastboot_update_rom.sh file. I have attached a picture of the content in it below. Can...
  20. S

    Mi 11 Ultra Google pay not working due to security reasons

    Could not find the answer after googling two day. So starting conversation from the scratch Last week arrived Mi 11 Ultra MIUI Global 13.0.2 android 12 from Ali Express. Google pay / google wallet is not working because of security issue with the device. Corporate teams says "phone is...