Mi 10 Ultra camera problems


Sep 10, 2020
Hey there,

So I got my 10 ultra a week ago and I love it. But when I use the camera app I have some problems.

- when in video mode, 5x periscope lens won't shoot in 4k60. That's a bummer, but the sensor probably is not capable for that I thought. But it can shoot in 4k30 so i thought okay I will just switch to 1080p60 but then the phone uses the main camera and zooms in like when trying to use 4k60.
Why is the larger, better sensor of the periscope camera not able to shoot 1080p60 but the smaller sensor of the ultra wide is?
Is there a way to unlock this and 4k60 through future updates or is there a *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* mod available?

Thanks for helping :)