No call recording Xiaomi.EU ROM


Oct 18, 2021
I have just flashed Xiaomi.EU ROM, on Mi 10T Pro, with the intention to be able to record calls.

Call recording does not work.

There is no manual call recording icon during call, and there is no recording after the call in "MIUI/sound recorder/call rec" folder

Yes I have also turned on call recording for "all numbers" and "record calls automatically" under the call settings.

My region is set to "Dominican Republic", but I also tried other countries such as India and Indonesia.

EDIT: I feel a bit silly now... I did move all apps over from my Mi8 phone and I had a dialer called True Phone dialer installed on Mi8. It made this a default dialer (on Mi8 it only worked as a dialer until it started to physically dial, at which point it handed the process over to mi8 stock dialer). The Phone Move Process copied and set up all apps including having True Phone Dialer set as default dialer. This was the cause of not showing call recorder, as it needs to be set up within the settings of the new version of True Phone.

Sorry for this silly thread but maybe it will help someone who makes the same silly mistake/overlooked settings.


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It works for me,same phone and same build,maybe you are not using the Miui Dialler by default.
Check manage apps - 3 dots - default apps.
Might be some other steps not sure

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