No charging when is on


May 10, 2019
Hi, from a few days my 9T not charge if it's on, if the phone is off charges correctly. Charging off and start the phone it continue charging, with fast charger or normal. But I disconnect and reconnect doesn't charge. I tried with several chargers and wires with the same result. I formatted it, install other versions and finally the original and continues the same. If it's off, charges, if it's on, nothing. What can I do?

I have same problem with my Poco f2 Pro and also my son Redmi 8 Pro. Fast charging work with Samsung fast charger type C to type C but not orginal Xiaomi fast charger type A to type C. I have one Note 10 where is not latest software and fast charging works well and with same Xiaomi fast charger and cable. So this is SW issue, please update your sw soon as possibe.