New No Data Connection On Stable


Jan 24, 2018
Hi there!
I'm having problems with the two last releases of the stable version: everything seems to work fine but the data connection.
I can connect via wi-fi, but 2G, 3G and LTE connection won't work on any of the sims.

I have a Redmi 4x (3gb/32gb), and I'm in Spain (with Simyo as a provider)

First i had the Original Global ROM and it worked fine, then I switched to the Development ROM and it also worked fine, but I got fed up with the weekly update notifications and having to reinstall root everytime, so I flashed the Stable ROM and since then I can't get it to work.

I tried swapping the sims but with no luck.

Roaming is on and so is everything else, I guess, because I didn't do anything in particular to get it to work, before.

Any ideas?