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Discussion in 'Xiaomi Mi4C' started by M33kuh, Jan 12, 2017.

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    Hi all. I've seen some posts about this problem also but still no fix/solution.

    I have (sometimes barely) no signal or reception even in 2g when I am inside a room or a computer shop. I understand that this is due to interference or something but my other fone does not have this. My friend's fone doesn't have this either. I am using latest EU rom. I also tried other ROMs still the same problem. But when I am outside or in an open area/field I have good reception/signal.
    It's not about my sim because when I put my sim to other fone they work fine. I even bought another sim just to try but still no reception/signal.

    Btw I have tried the ff but still no luck:

    Wipe Dalvik cache
    Wipe Data/Internal
    Factory Reset
    Reflash ROM
    Change sim card

    Can anyone help me? I would gladly appreciate it! Thanks!

    XIAOMI Mi4c
  2. M33kuh

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    Nobody cares. :'(
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    I know it's frustrating when noone answers but I have no idea except your antenna seems to be broken. It won't help you to hear that my mi4c has excellent reception in- and outside :( Give it some time, someone might be able to give you advice here...
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    Probably bad antenna
  5. M33kuh

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    Thank you for your replies.. :'(

    Still gonna wait for good souls who might know how to fix this.. :'( </3

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