New Notifications not working


Feb 1, 2023
After updating the ROM to the newest one, the notifications for many texting apps are gone, the only working is messenger. Rest of the notifications seems fine. It's just the text notifications, like for example the notification u get if u upload a file on discord shows up as usual. I do have magisk and LSPosed however it was working fine before the update of the ROM rebuild.

Edit. uninstalled magisk, lsposed, reflashed the rom, still not working

Edit2. maybe it was just some kind of coincidence or magisk lsposed etc. broke the notifications. I'll try installing it back since I need it and edit this later.

Device: Xiaomi MI 11 Lite 5G NE
Version: stable
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I'm also having the same problem but on Diting rebuild. Messenger works for me but Telegram doesn't and neither does Gmail.
Similar problems on two smartphones
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G (Renoir) and Xiaomi 12 Lite (Lisa)
The latest firmware versions from EU (Stable) are installed
The only thing I did was update the EU module from 05.12.23
After updating the EU module, I cleared the Google Play Market and Google Services data
On devices, Root has not been obtained - it is missing
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I've tried reinstalling apps and it's helped me ie. Gmail, Messenger etc. I think possibly for me is that Play Store I never use auto update. So when Play Store data is cleared, it would've auto update all my apps before I realised. Maybe this contributed, maybe it didn't ‍
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