In Progress [NS] [2.5.18] Custom ActionBar Tab Theme Problem


Feb 11, 2012
I am an android dev and I have the following issue:

In apps that target ICS and use custom ActionBarTab styles, the style doesn't appear correctly. The tabbar background is correct, but the tabs are not styled, rather they are transparent. If I don't use custom styles, the original MIUI styled tabs show up correctly. Below is an example:


You can't tell which tab is selected/pressed. They are always white, as set with the actionBarTabBarStyle android:background attribute.

I didn't have this issue with the previous MIUI version I was using (2.5.4), or with other 2.x/4.x roms.
It's surprising that nobody replied here! Anyway, this issue persists in version 2.5.25 and is confirmed also on Samsung Galaxy SII. Appears on all apps with a stacked actionbar with tabs, like the official YouTube app.